Course topics schedule

Below is a provisional schedule of course topics. Changes will be updated here and noted in class. The “Special topics” will be determined after the first-day class survey.

1Wednesday, Jan 8Introduction
Friday, Jan 10Lab 1
2Monday, Jan 13Fundamentals of R
Wednesday, Jan 15Data types and functions
Friday, Jan 17Lab 2
3Monday, Jan 20No class
Wednesday, Jan 22Shell, git, and GitHub
Friday, Jan 24Lab 3
4Monday, Jan 27Data structures and subsetting
Wednesday, Jan 29Data frame subsetting and S3 objects
Friday, Jan 31Lab 4
5Monday, Feb 3Package ggplot2
Wednesday, Feb 5Advanced visualizations
Friday, Feb 7Lab 5
6Monday, Feb 10Package dplyr
Wednesday, Feb 12Packages tidyr and purrr
Friday, Feb 14Lab 6
7Monday, Feb 17Text data and regexs
Wednesday, Feb 19Web scraping part I
Friday, Feb 21Lab 7
8Monday, Feb 24Web scraping part II
Wednesday, Feb 26Web APIs
Friday, Feb 28Lab 8
9Monday, Mar 2R Shiny part I
Wednesday, Mar 4R Shiny part II
Friday, Mar 6Lab 9
10Monday, Mar 9No class
Wednesday, Mar 11No class
Friday, Mar 13No lab
11Monday, Mar 16make
Wednesday, Mar 18Parallelization
Friday, Mar 20Lab 10
12Monday, Mar 23Profiling and more parallelization
Wednesday, Mar 25Working with big data
Friday, Mar 27Lab 11
13Monday, Mar 30Databases and SQL
Wednesday, Apr 1SQL and beyond
Friday, Apr 3Lab 12
13Monday, Apr 6Spark & sparklyr part I
Wednesday, Apr 8Spark & sparklyr part II
Friday, Apr 10Lab 13
13Monday, Apr 13Spatial data part I
Wednesday, Apr 15Spatial data part II
Friday, Apr 17Lab 14
14Monday, Apr 20Special topics
Wednesday, Apr 22Special topics