Week 13

Profiling and Parallelization

Monday, Mar 30

Learning objectives

  • Parallelize using sockets with makeCluster()
  • Parallelize loops with packages doMC and foreach
  • Interpret results from code profiling and implement changes


Spatial data

Wednesday, Apr 1

Learning objectives

  • Understand CRS
  • Read and write spatial data files
  • Manipulate sf and sfc objects
  • Plot sf and sfc objects with plot(), ggplot(), and mapview()


Lab 10

Friday, Apr 3



Exercise of the week

Recreate the map below. A 150 yard safety buffer zone surrounds the Durham area game lands. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has a shape file for game land area plus the buffer zone. Try to incorporate all the features you see below with regards to color, layer labels, and popups.