Week 15

SQLite and sqlite3

Monday, Apr 13

Learning objectives

  • Understand sqlite3 commands
  • Join tables with different join operations
  • Create sub queries
  • Understand SQL vs NoSQL


Spark & sparklyr part I

Wednesday, Apr 15

Learning objectives

  • Understand what Spark is and what it does
  • Connect and interact with Spark through R
  • Package dplyr as an interface to Spark DataFrames


Lab 12

Friday, Apr 17



Exercise of the week

  1. Use tables nukes and oil that you created in Monday’s slides to perform one SQL query that returns the mean oil price and mean nuclear tests per year for all years where oil price and nuclear test data is available.

  2. Find a large dataset (more than 10 million rows). Use it to create a table in a sqlite3 database. Perform a timed search and record the time. Next, create indexes for this table and perform the same search again. How is the time performance?