Course topics schedule

Below is a provisional schedule of course topics. Changes will be updated here and noted in class. The “Special topics” will be determined after the first-day class survey.

1Monday, Aug 26Introduction
Tuesday, Aug 27Fundamentals of R
Thursday, Aug 29Data types and functions
2Monday, Sep 2Lab 1
Tuesday, Sep 3Shell, git, and GitHub
Thursday, Sep 5Data structures and subsetting
3Monday, Sep 9Lab 2
Tuesday, Sep 10Data frame subsetting and S3 objects
Thursday, Sep 12Package ggplot2
4Monday, Sep 16Lab 3
Tuesday, Sep 17Advanced visualizations
Thursday, Sep 19Package dplyr
5Monday, Sep 23Lab 4
Tuesday, Sep 24Packages tidyr and purrr
Thursday, Sep 26Text data and regexs
6Monday, Sep 30Lab 5
Tuesday, Oct 1Web scraping part I
Thursday, Oct 3Web scraping part II
7Monday, Oct 7Fall break, no class
Tuesday, Oct 8Fall break, no class
Thursday, Oct 10Web APIs
8Monday, Oct 14Lab 6
Tuesday, Oct 15make
Thursday, Oct 17R Shiny part I
9Monday, Oct 21Lab 7
Tuesday, Oct 22R Shiny part II
Thursday, Oct 24Parallelization
10Monday, Oct 28Lab 8
Tuesday, Oct 29Profiling and parallelization
Thursday, Oct 31Big data
11Monday, Nov 4Lab 9
Tuesday, Nov 5Databases and SQL
Thursday, Nov 7SQL and beyond
12Monday, Nov 11Lab 10
Tuesday, Nov 12Spatial data
Thursday, Nov 14Testing and debugging
13Monday, Nov 18Lab 11
Tuesday, Nov 19Spark & sparklyr part I
Thursday, Nov 21Spark & sparklyr part II
14Monday, Nov 25Lab 12
Tuesday, Nov 26Integration: R and Python