Week 12

Lab 10

Monday, Nov 11


  • See project examples
  • Continue to work on Homework 6
  • Finalize project proposal

Spatial data

Tuesday, Nov 12

Learning objectives

  • Understand CRS
  • Read and write spatial data files
  • Manipulate sf and sfc objects
  • Plot sf and sfc objects with plot(), ggplot(), and mapview()


Testing and debugging

Thursday, Nov 14

Learning objectives

  • Checking inputs with assertthat
  • Unit testing with testthat
  • Debugging tools


Exercise of the week

Recreate the map below. A 150 yard safety buffer zone surrounds the Durham area game lands. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has a shape file for game land area plus the buffer zone. Try to incorporate all the features you see below with regards to color, layer labels, and popups.